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What are the advantages of high yielding varieties of crops?

The high yielding varieties of crops take less time for maturing. As a result, some additional crop can be raised in the spare time thus saved. The high yielding varieties of crops also possess certain drawbacks as given under: 1. Being dwarf, the high yielding varieties of crops, yields less fodder than the tall, traditional varieties of crops.

High Yielding Varieties Seeds HYV - Your Article Library

High Yielding Varieties Seeds (HYV) For example, the new seeds are less resistant to droughts and floods and need an efficient management of water, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesti­cides. Any lapse on the part of cultivator in the application of inputs.

Impact of contracts in high yielding varieties seed.

Increasing agricultural productivity is the key to agricultural growth, and one strategy for increasing agricultural productivity is to use improved seeds. This study investigates the impact of contract farming (CF) in high yielding varieties (HYV) of paddy seed production on costs, yield, and profits of. Positive and negative effects of hyv seeds - Essay and speech Positive and negative effects of hyv seeds. A few important characteristics of high-yielding variety seeds include higher crop yield, excessive use of fertilizers, early maturation, and reliance on irrigation among others. Though the seeds brought revolution in several economies, it crippled hectares of farmland following its negative impact on the soil and environment.High-Yielding Variety Seeds: Definition, Advantages and. High Yielding Variety Seeds (HYV seeds) are seeds are of better quality than normal quality seeds. These seeds are a better option of seeds in order to obtain a healthy and surplus crop.Advantages of High Yielding Variety Seeds ADVERTISEMENTS: Advantages of High Yielding Variety Seeds over Traditional Varieties of Seeds are as follows: 1. High Yielding Variety Seeds (HYV) has shorter lifecycle and thereby enables the farmers to go for multiple cropping. For example, new seeds of rice and wheat complete their lifecycles in 110 and 120 days respec­tively. The traditional varieties of [.]High Yielding Cannabis Seeds - How to Grow Marijuana High Yielding Cannabis Seeds There can be no doubt that obtaining the highest possible yield is important to every cannabis grower. Whether you are tending a couple plants in your backyard or growing on a commercial scale it is natural to want the biggest possible return on your investment.High Yielding StrainsMarijuana Seeds USA Buy High Yield Marijuana Seeds. With an average of eight week flowering period, these strains are capable of producing approximately 450 grams per square meter when using good quality feeds and growing techniques. High quality marijuana seeds containing good genetics should produce plants with similar characteristics every time.

Effect of High Yielding Variety of Seeds in the State of.

The paper studies the effect of High Yielding Variety (HYV) of seeds on agricultural yield for the state of West Bengal and, in turn, goes ahead and prepares a postmortem of why, if so, the Òmiracle seedsÓ failed to deliver in West Bengal, as is so often claimed. The results indicate that the impact of HYV seeds on yield in the state, over the period of 1970-2004, depends critically on the.

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